Quality Control has become an obsession for end-markets, especially in China. Claims are swift, legitimate, and hurt financially. The 1% – 2% impurity allowance is practically gone. Load-Rejection is a real possibility and Load-Downgrades are not uncommon.

  1. No offgrade or oversize scrap allowed. If you load HMS 1 & 2, you load 100% HMS 1 & 2.
  2. No impurities, oils, grease, sludges, dirt, wood, nonferrous allowed.
  3. No radiation allowed. See Loading Instructions >>
  4. No sealed containers allowed.
  5. No war scrap or UXO allowed.
  6. Any questions or concerns call us. Do not take any chances.
  7. If we get a Claim, Supplier gets the Claim.

Call or WhatsApp or Signal: 1+305-780-4942 Text Messages = OK.

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