One of the main consulting services we provide is Procurement. We source and procure large tonnage of scrap iron for buyers and steel mills.

  • Container loads
  • Bulk Shipments
  • Scrap Rail
  • Scrap Vessels
  • Spot or Term Contacts
  • Specialty Grades
  • Iron Ore

Secure Payment Structures

  • Payment for the scrap goes directly to the Scrap Yard or Supplier – not Iron Industries, LLC.
  • Payment for inspection, trucking, and ocean freight go directly to the vendors- not Iron Industries, LLC.

Benefits of Using Iron Industries, LLC.

  • Low Start Up Costs. We have done this before.
  • Established relations with suppliers globally.
  • We are able to travel and manage the supply base.
  • We travel to verify the supplier is real.
  • We have contracts and logistics in place.
  • We know the grades of scrap iron and the quality requirements.

Cost Structure

  1. We work on an upfront, flat-rate monthly fee. No surprises charges.
  2. Our fee breaks down to less than $3.00 per MT.
  3. We do not take a commission on the transactions.

If you are interested in this service please call anytime.

Call or WhatsApp or Signal: 1+305-780-4942

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